What you will learn in this course

  • 1


    • Introduction to the course

    • Prepare for this course

  • 2

    Preparing Yourself For Success

    • How to prepare for your goals to achieve greatness

    • Having a winner mindset and how to spot people that will bring you down

    • How to shape your body for success

  • 3

    Real Estate 101

    • Preparing for Real Estate

    • Terms you MUST know in Real Estate in Dubai

    • Service Charge - What does it mean and what you need to know

    • Everybody is a buyer and a potential referral

    • All the different types of properties you will deal with

    • Who are the different type of buyers in Real Estate and how to build rapport with them?

    • What to do when you first land in Dubai and want to start your new life in Real Estate

    • How to get your first leads and referrals

    • What are the key selling points of Dubai Real Estate?

    • How to be an "Area" specialist to be the expert in your field and become friends with the security guard

    • The secret to finding the dream "Buyer"

    • The more knowledge you provide, the more you sell , off plan sales

    • Exclusive vs Multi Listings what you need to know

    • Get a professional photographer to sell the property

    • How to get a exclusive listing with a landlord?

    • How to get the right rental tenants for your clients property?

    • How to close a sales transaction in Dubai?

    • Don't settle and don't make this mistake when you get a listing

    • What to do with leads that don't convert, nurture them to success

    • How to leverage your network to grow your income with mortgage knowledge

  • 4

    3 Rules To Being Exceptional

    • Introduction to the 3 Rules to Being an Exceptional Star

    • Rule Number One - Treat your clients like your parents

    • Rule Number Two - Maintain the relationship forever, become their friend

    • Rule Number Three - Guide your client through the full process

  • 5

    Sales & Objections

    • Don't tell your clients, show them. How to meet a new client.

    • Break the ice with client, treat them like a friend not a sales agent

    • Sales Objection Handling 1 - Client Tells You He Is Not Sure If It's The Right Time To Buy

    • Sales Objection Handling 2 - Client Changes His Mind After Seeing The Property

    • Sales Objection Handling 3 - Should I Invest In Real Estate or Stock Market and Commodities?

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What You Will Learn In This Couse